About Me


Hi, I'm Zach Baas and this is my website. I am a 18 year old teenager growing up in Michigan. I have been a participant in the Bible Bee (biblebee.org) since it first began in 2009, and God has blessed me by allowing me to qualify for the national level competition every year thus far. I am an avid web programmer and I enjoy studying the Bible and listening to Christian music.

I began learning basic computer code in 2013, and since then have branched out into more advanced coding languages. I had originally built this website to practice my coding skills, but I now use it to publish my devotional blog and the For The Bee page.

I used to play soccer, watch birds, and collect coins, but senior year in high school doesn't leave much time for that. And Bible Bee nationals is usually during part of hunting season. I really enjoy running, and am in a local track and cross country club. Catch me if you can! ;)

Like I said above, I enjoy listening to Christian music. If you were to ask me my favorite genre, it would have to depend on the situation. I enjoy most CCM, such as Sidewalk Prophets, Kutless, and Matthew West, but I also enjoy simple worship music. There's nothing quite so moving as being part of a large group of people singing (or in my case, trying to sing but failing) beautiful worship songs like In Christ Alone, 10,000 Reasons, and Ancient Words, among others.

Another thing I enjoy doing is studying personality. Personality is to me such a fascinating study because it explains why people are the way they are, what makes people unique and such. There are 16 different personalities in the world, and from various personality researching I have done I am an ENTP. On the different sites ENTPs are titled "Inventors", "Debaters", and "Visionaries". I like the last one best because I describes me the best. 16Personalities is a great beginner's way to discover one's own personality, and it said I was half ENTP and half ENFP, which is accurate for that site. You can view my complete personality profile here. You can also take the test yourself if you want here to discover your own personality, and send me an email telling me whatcha got. Like I said, the study of personality is fascinating! :)

If you are participating in the Bible Bee this year (biblebee.org) and want to say hello, contact me and we might be able to set up a video chat on Google Hangouts (or Skype) to chat and/or quiz each other on Bible Bee questions. You can also find me on Facebook here.

Feel free to contact me anytime, just don't spam me with commercials and advertisements (I have to put that there because unfortunately spammers have visited my website just to get my email and spam me).