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Faith and Works #2: Works Aren't It
3 years ago.

Next in line in James 2 is verse 17, but I am going to skip this verse and include it in with verse 26 in the post following this one.

So today I will be focusing on the first part of James 2:18, which reads

But someone will say, "You have faith, and I have works."

You may wonder why I have taken such a small piece of Scripture to write a blog post on, but these 11 words contain a valuable lesson.

Consider the statement: "You have faith, and I have works." How many times can you imagine people saying this, and variations of it, when someone is sharing the Gospel with them? "I don't need your Jesus. He may work for you, but I can get to heaven as long as I do good things." It is simply the same statement using different words.

So often people try to earn their way into heaven by good works, and they think they have no need to believe in Jesus. Sadly, many of those people have never heard the Gospel. No one has taken time to show them that it is by grace through faith alone that they can be saved, and not by doing good works. And they won't understand that they need salvation unless they understand they are sinners.

That means that we need to share the Gospel with them. But do you know how to? Watch this video by Ray Comfort. "The 10 Cannons of God's Law":