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3 years ago.

One month ago today we left the house at 7 in the morning to drive to Texas for the National Bible Bee competition. As I look back today on the memories made those days at nationals, what can I say? From reconnecting with friends made over the years to seeing friends we haven't seen in person for 4 years; the amazing worship service, the atmosphere of being immersed in the word of God and giving Him glory, there truly is nothing else like it. Memories were made that will never be forgotten.

Look back on your life and think of memories you have made. Isn't this the reason God gave us memories? So we can remember the good times we have, and be thankful for them? So we can have something to hold on to when we go through life's ups and downs, and, ultimately, to help us glorify God through it all? Because the same God that gave us those times we treasure is the same God that will bring us through the rough times too, and we can rest assured in His promises.